Just three undergrads.
    +Null Synapse
  • Heavy
    2 Faced
  • 20ft Faces
  • Alternative hard rock
  • Straight forward, driving hard rock
    50 Below
  • Formed in Ventura, California in 1996, the current lineup consists of all four original members, singer Evan Sula-Goff, guitarist ...
  • The evil powers of rock n roll that are corrupting your little souls
    A+ In Evil
  • AJAO features the vocal melodies and prophetic lyrics of Nigerian-American singer John Ajao. Depth and compassion emotionally charge rhythmic ...
  • A.N.I. is Michael Morse (guitar/vocals) and Reed Burnham (bass), with new members Steve Stewart (guitars) and Sam Frankeberger (drums). ...
  • Classic Rock, Metal, and Something Psychedelic.
  • Loud and danceable.
    Absentee Ballads
  • Adhara
  • Passionate eclectic indie rock
    The Agreeables
  • Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter Alastair Greene has been a mainstay of the Southern California music scene for over 2 ...
    Alastair Greene Band
  • Alycia Nichole delivers strong and empowering messages with a soulful, angelic voice.
    Alycia Nichole
  • Rockafunkagrassjamatron
    Angelo Meatcraft Flying Machine
  • Original Latin soul; a blend of Latin rhythms with infectious soul melodies.
    The Anthony Prieto Band
  • Santa Barbara's Area 51 has been the most popular club and party band in the area since they formed ...
    Area 51
  • Rock'n'roll with hints of pop, jazz, and folk
    Aron Van Alstine
  • Combination of Rock & Punk
    The Assault
  • For fans of Scandinavian metal, you will feel right at home.
  • Sounds like The Killers, INXS, Finger Eleven, KC and the Sunshine Band, Dramarama, Marvin Gaye, Cake, Grand Funk Railroad, ...
  • Non-commercial, unfiltered funk jazz rock. A bit like Pink Floyd meets Weather Report meets Galactic. BODY writes all music ...
  • An eclectic blend of Janis Joplin meets Sheryl Crow, with a Pink Floydish haunting style all its own.
    Back Pocket
  • All-original, all-instrumental, real-deal, acid casualty stripper pole music.
    The Bad Trips
  • Baile Cosmico (cosmic dance) started as trio that incorporated electronic sequences with live drum set and vocals to generate ...
    Baile Cosmico
  • MEMBERS: Jose-Vocals Kyle-Bass/Vocals Fernando-Guitar Ryan - Guitar Gregg-Drums BIOGRAPHY: Started in 2009, has opened for Asking Alexandria, We Came ...
    Bears Among Men
  • you wake up, you cant breathe, you might be about to die. Did you buy our cd?
    Bela Lugosi
  • Dance-y, happy, party, funky music! Mostly original material with some covers in the mix. "Beleza Pura mixes hip-hop, reggae, ...
    Beleza Pura
  • Better Looking People With Superior Ideas are an electronic rock duo from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Local Music ...
    Better Looking People With Superior Ideas
  • An amalgamation of blues, country, and rockabilly, Big Jugs serves up quirky tunes that are sure to get you ...
    Big Jugs
  • Bira has been working as a composer/producer for the past 10 years. Over that time he has performed with ...
  • Rock with hints of surf and punk
  • Blues based rock 'n' roll
    Black Angel
  • A reggae talent that's been making waves inside and outside of Santa Barbara for more than 10 years, Dylan ...
    Black Judah
  • Bass, conga, and sax; that combination of instrumentation and song selection builds an infectious groove of Afro-jazz-lounge music that ...
    Black Market Trio
  • Heavy Rockabilly or Cow Punk!
    Blazing Haley
  • Indie/Brit Rock/Surf Rock/Pop. British edge fused with Californian sun!
    Blue Suns
  • Bobbi Jo and the Outlaws
  • Boombox has concocted a new recipe for music blending an array of funky styles. This band began as a ...
    Boombox Orchestra
  • Bossa Blue is an Instrumental jazz quartet featuring silver and wooden flutes, jazz & blues guitar, bass and percussion.
    Bossa Blue
  • Modern pop rock influenced by songwriters and producers of the past.
  • Simple hard rock with catchy melodies
    Broken Machine
  • Late night at the Courthouse or the Borders parking structure, it's sweet harmonic to caffeinated percussive guitar. On stage, ...
    Bruce Goldish
  • Melodic hard rock
    The Bubbling Dead
  • Heavy, Aggressive, Experimental, Death Metal.
    Built on Decay
  • Really groovy
  • Ambient rock
    Burning Giraffe
  • The band features a rock/pop structure, supported by strong vocal and guitar melodies, tastefully layered with lush keyboards and ...
  • Hawaiian, Reggae, Classic Rock, Country Western
    Carl & Bobby
  • CarriedBySix - Cemetary Mouth by bobesdrumskill
  • The brainchild of Rob Taylor (vocals, guitar), Brad Altavilla (bass), and Aaron Campos (drums), this straightforward rock collective are ...
    Cat OK
  • bedroom songs
    Cave Babies
  • Chance's End, led by classically-trained violinist and Santa Barbara native Ryan Avery, is putting a violin smack dab in ...
    Chance's End
  • Put some Jazz in the oven, sprinkle some blues on it - and marinate in rock and roll and ...
    Chanel Finch
  • Chrissy Summer
  • "Christina Grimm is a classic singer/songwriter in the 1970's style of Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Imbued with passion, ...
    Christina Grimm
  • The Classy Croc band was formed in 2008 when keyboardist Tom Towle joined his friend and singer Kate Ingalls ...
    Classy Croc Band
  • Essential music for your sould and mind, a little grit and a lot of shine. Raw and refined.
    Cleo Lynx
  • Tenor saxophonist Colter Frazier has been relatively isolated in Santa Barbara, California for many years, honing a unique playing ...
    Colter Frazier Quartet
  • Here's a common musical experience: you resent mainstream radio because a small grouping of bubblegum-pop hits get played ad ...
    Colter Frazier/Rob Wallace Duo
  • Comfort Machine
  • The band is a collaboration of three good friends who decided to join musical forces two years ago. The ...
    Cool and the Twang
  • The offspring of numerous veteran S.B. reggae acts, Cornerstone embodies the concept of roots music. Fusing sounds of dancehall, ...
  • Cory Tauber played eight years as a drummer in various original and cover bands. He picked up guitar in ...
    Cory Tauber
  • Original & classic rock with R&B grooves
    The Cover Story News
  • Original blues-based, harmonica-influenced rock 'n' roll.
    Cowboy Surfer
  • Crimson Scarlet formed as a one-off party gig band to play a house show with Waiting Around to Die. ...
    Crimson Scarlet
  • A three-piece band whose members live in Orcutt, Arroyo Grande, and San Luis Obispo (ages 41, 21, and 21). ...
    Crisis Point
  • Mythopoetic quasi-punk rock band
    Crying 4 Kafka
  • Judging by Cuesta Ridge's influences, you may have guessed that their sound is tough to describe - and they ...
    Cuesta Ridge
  • Cut Time is a jazz band comprised of young musicians ranging in age from 15-23.
    Cut Time
  • The mysterious side project of Coyotes and Bourbon mastermind Mike McHugh, this faceless music maker has managed to blend ...
    DJ ?
  • The resume of DJ Gavin Roy reads like a what's what of Santa Barbara dance venues, including Q's, the ...
    DJ Gavin Roy
  • Funk, soul, rock, reggae, hip-hop, techno blended, Latin tropical style DJ Magneto calls Santa Barbara home, but the swath ...
    DJ Magneto
  • A Santa Barbara nightlife staple, Matty Matt Moore is notorious for getting a party started. But there's more to ...
    DJ Matty Matt
  • Sound smoke and jam juice
    DP Fresh
  • An eclectic Indie Electronic band. Musical Influences: Electronic/Ambient/Trance/Industrial/ Rock /New Age. Current Releases: The Next World (© 2012), The ...
  • Snotty Loud Rock & Roll for the Unscrubbed Masses.
    The DTEASE
  • Old School OC Punk with a back beat that just won't quit and as close to a lost band ...
    Damaged Goods
  • Dan Zimmerman Trio
  • Traditional Irish tunes with a modern twist. The band shines on instrumental numbers "Paddy on the Turnpike" and "Waterloo ...
  • Our sound is ranging from a surf rock, alternative, a real '90s vibe in my opinion. Most commonly words ...
    Dante Elephante
  • The Dark Lights
  • California country-rock, Bakersfield country, singer-songwriters.
    Dave Gleason
  • West Coast Rock with a Reggae Twist
    David Courtenay Band
  • Rock piano pop, hints of psych
    David Loeppke Band
  • Folky blues with an island groove
    De La Vina
  • Good time, danceable blues funk, or blues with grooves! The most creative description we've heard is, "Bonnie Raitt meets ...
    Debra Farris Band
  • Post Apocalyptic Music Box Time Machine
    Def Eye Kon
  • Current Jazz
    Defkhan Jazz
  • Classically trained in opera and art since the age of nine, Delaney Gibson boldly breaks the tired trend of ...
    Delaney Gibson
  • The band was originally called Dirty Sanchez, then it got changed to the Delta Martinis and may change to ...
    The Delta Martinis
  • Dennis German
  • Ater leading Relapse Records' extreme metal band Uphill Battle, guitarist Adi Tejada was looking for something deeper. In 2006, ...
    The Depths
  • Derailed is band with influences such as Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Genesis, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Rush, ...
  • Our influences combined and more.
    Die Don Romero
  • Formed originally by Kasey and Kenny during high school, soon thereafter recruiting Eric and Nigel. After a few practices ...
    Dirty Words
  • Neo-soul, Rock, Eclectic
    Dog Bone Skinny
  • Soulful melodies, pounding bass lines, and hip-hop background vocals create a sound listeners describe as "soul-rock-reggae." The sound of ...
    Dominic Balli
  • It's a perfect combination of tasty old blues women songs, bluesy classics performed with ultimate cool, a selection of ...
    Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies
  • Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darrell and Eddie Van Halen playing with Paco De Lucia, Andres Segovia, and Django Reinhardt.
    Dos Diablos
  • The Dropp takes rock oriented pop and weaves it in and out of punk, surf, and reggae rhythms to ...
    The Drop In
  • Hard rocking, punk-infused riffs and raucous, in-your-face electric guitar solos cross genres to create a sound that is 100 ...
    Dying Crooners
  • Post-punk and neo-soul featuring aggressive vocals, bass, drums, and keys. A brass section often accompanies.
    Easter Teeth
  • Easy Bear is a California Pop/Rock band based out of Santa Barbara and formed in 2012 by long-time friends, ...
    Easy Bear
  • Easy Chief is a band of unparalleled rock explosions coupled with the relentless drive of punk.
    Easy Chief
  • A rock band is akin to a group of children simultaneously drawing a single picture. While one child may ...
    Eating Crayons
  • Extreme Music
    Eating Fear
  • Solo performer who plays either guitar or piano. Singer songwriter type music.
    Eduardo Aispuro
  • We mostly grew up here in Santa Barbara. All of us except for the drummer have 30 plus years ...
    El Jefe
  • There’s something hauntingly familiar about Emily Wryn’s sound; something that almost dares you to compare her to the greats. ...
    Emily Wryn
  • Trip Hop, Ambient, Dub, Bass
    Erin JaLe
  • The Excellent Tradesmen
  • High energy pop/punk infused rock and roll!
    False Puppet
  • Fingersmyth places an emphasis on the craftsmanship of the popular songwriting prowess of Mark LaCommare and Christopher Zerbe. The ...
  • Catchy Ramones-like tunes meets Gwen Stefani-like vocals.
    Fishnets and Cigarettes
  • Gritty, real
  • Flamenco Chuck
  • Feel good country gospel with country blues thrown in
    Flint Westrock and Friends
  • Sounding like a slightly less political Pennywise trying to recover from the worst breakup ever, Floater Six claims they ...
    Floater 6
  • Bodhrán, tin whistle, banjo, and mandolin are just a few of the instruments the members of Foggy Dew use ...
    Foggy Dew
  • Playing classic rock 'n' roll that's chock full of political commentary and intermixed with a fair share of blues ...
    The Founding Mothers
  • Lyrically, Pettersen and Beld employ many references to the terrestrial and the ethereal in exploring humankind's yearning for signs ...
    Franklin for Short
  • Good Times-Dance-Rock
    Freakin' on Speakers
  • Fruit-n-Beef is a raw, retro, aggressive, chill, jammy, melancholic, bluesy, grungy, rock alternative band with a perfect balance between ...
    Fruit n Beef
  • Blending hip-hop, reggae, and folk rock with a soulful guitar flair, Lackner takes a refreshingly organic approach to his ...
    Gabe Lackner
  • Gardens & Villa is the project of five college friends from Santa Barbara, formed following the collapse of a ...
    Gardens & Villa
  • Jazzy rock with some R&B and soul feathered in. Georgetown is a versatile band capable of everything from guitar ...
  • Ghost Tiger
  • The Goodland is a harmony driven folk, rock, reggae band with a sound derived from the powerful yet sultry ...
    The Goodland
  • Acoustic electronic fusion
    Grady Lee
  • This bluesy jam rock outfit is as happy to put its collective spin on a Neil Young staple as ...
    The Harlequins
  • Unsound
    Headless Household
  • A blend of Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore and Prog with hints of Grindcore, Hardcore Punk and Symphonic Black Metal
    Heart of the Void
  • The Hero & The Victor (THATV) is an American post-punk, indie rock band out of Santa Barbara, California formed ...
    The Hero and The Victor
  • Bluegrass, Old Time, Origin
    Honeysuckle Possums
  • Sitting on the front porch, sipping electric moonshine with good friends telling tales and rearranging the molecular structure of ...
    The Honkys
  • This alterna-rock three-piece group brings to mind Silversun Pickups and something a bit grungier. Their catchy brand of pop ...
    Hoover Dan
  • Pyschedelic Soul Folk
    Howlin' Woods
  • Isaac Barba, better known as Lyricist IZE, is a conscious and positive hip-hop emcee on the rize. He performs ...
  • Take Joni Mitchell, Elton John, and Soundgarden and put them in a room together and you'll get something near ...
    Idea the Artist
  • Immaculate Fatality is not the same band that formed in January 2005 from the ashes of two expired thrash ...
    Immaculate Fatality
  • Catchy lead guitar lines, emphasis on melody, California-reverb aesthetic.
    The Internet
  • Despite hip-hop's massive popularity among most everyone younger than 40, rap's had a hard time gaining a stable foothold ...
  • The floor was packed at Velvet Jones last Thursday night for Santa Barbara's rock/reggae staple Iration, who stopped by ...
  • Michael Easbey (guitar/vocals) and Dan Hughes (drums) started playing together in the summer of 2010. Soon after, Margaret Easbey ...
    Islay Street
  • Alternative acoustic/electric rock
    Jaan Landheer
  • Hard to describe, but here goes: The Beatles meets Seether meets Incubus meets Green Day
    Jaded Cloud
  • Jazzy Reggae
    Jahmon Soul
  • His music must be categorized as a beautiful medley of folk-rock, pop, acoustic, and indie-rock. With tranquil, yet uplifting ...
    Jake Jeanson
  • Native Santa Barbara songwriter, musician, and recording engineer.
    James Johnson
  • Southern California singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamey Geston has been performing at festivals and showcases from Southern California to Arizona ...
    Jamey Geston
  • Funky, folky, moody, mixing acoustic guitar and percussion with a modern soundscape of loops, samples and ambient keys. Think ...
    Jamie Green
  • Jaret Campisi may haveve been born in Pennsylvania, but his sound is firmly rooted in Santa Barbara. Playing deceptively ...
    Jaret Campisi
  • Jeff Citro
  • Local Hawaiian jams meet California and Jamaica for a smooth and upbeat sensation that will have you ready to ...
    Jeff Vegas
  • Acoustic solo performer singing songs in English and Spanish; 1950's - current.
    Jeffrey Bretz
  • Rock, blues, and country
    Jena Douglas Band
  • Flamenco latin fusion, Paco de lucia meets Buena Vista Social Club. My song 'Cazadores' reminds me of this influence ...
    Jon Francis
  • Afternoon love
    Josh Mogck
  • Sanskrit Mantras and English adaptations merged with Reggae Rhythms “It feels like a natural marriage: Mesmerizing and uplifting aspects ...
    Joss Jaffe
  • Recorded in Tom Lackner's mountainside studio, the album radiates in poignancy, yet shimmers in sublime beauty. From the heart-wrenching ...
    Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid
  • A lot of influence of early Incubus, with funky bass lines over-driving guitar riffs. Explosive choruses and flowing breakdowns ...
    The June Recovery
  • Full of aloha spirit, Kaleo Na'ea of Kaua'i brings Hawaii to you with solo to full band and hula! ...
    The Kaleo Na'ea Band
  • Old World Delirium
  • Feels like the Weepies. Folk like Mumford and Sons. Voice like a Wailin’ Jenny.
    Kat Devlin and the White Whale
  • Kelp plays modern surf music and traditional classics from the heyday of the surf scene. Coming out of the ...
  • Edgy alternative rock
  • For a music clip, you can check out our music video at YouTube
    King Bee
  • Corporate Nightmare's golden children of the Central Coast alt-rock scene sounds like the love child of Ben Folds and ...
  • Warm, soulful and disarming.
    Kris Ehrman
  • acoustic/folk/soul
    Kristy Hepp
  • Start dancing! A super blend of hip hop rock funky original disco tunes with a jazzed up pop element ...
    LARRRY* and the Ocean All Stars Band *Note; The first "R" is silent!
  • Old School punk, in your New School face!
    La Vasa!
  • My name Is Lance Adam I am a solo artist, I sing and play guitar, I'm originally from Philadelphia ...
    Lance Adam
  • Ventura-bred Santa Barbara staples Le Meu Le Purr have long been frequenters of the I.V. music scene. With their ...
    Le Meu Le Purr
  • The Grinders are an industrious group of musicians who have recently entered into Southern California's music scene. Using Lee ...
    Lee Koch & The Grinders
  • Woody Guthrie filtered through an acid haze in a virtual jazz/beat poetry club actually housed in a circa 1967 ...
    Legends of Skate
  • From the darkest depths of Rock comes a band with no excuses.... This IS self righteousness at its best! ...
    Les Mercy
  • Powerful,funky,expressive,in the pocket, free.
    Leslie Lembo
  • Hailed as "wine country's tastiest jazz band for the last 10 years," these boys deliver standards on their new ...
    The Lighthouse Jazz Quartet
  • The LIMBZ was created in 1992 by Kaj Maj (Joshua Mendoza), IZE (Isaac Barba), and X-TEk (George Dwarte). The ...
    The Limbz
  • Orchestral indie-pop
    Little Owl
  • Raised in Carpinteria, California, brothers Taylor (guitar, vocals) and Jordan Bleecker (drums) grew up playing music together. At Westmont ...
    Lonesome Dub
  • “I’ll put it to you this way, within about thirty seconds you’ll be reeled in and singing into a ...
    Loomis & the Lust
  • "Lorin is a Santa Barbara-based Celtic harpist with the voice of an angel and the musical heart of a ...
    Lorin Grean
  • Lui Crisa
  • Melancholy Acoustic Pop
    Luna Star
  • Melodic, stirring rock.
  • Strum, strum, kick, snare
    The Mac Talley Trip
  • Loosely organized, guitar-based songwriting
  • Marco Alejandro combines many musical sounds from around the world. Being a student of musics and cultures, a foundation ...
    Marco Alejandro
  • Torch songs, standards, and classic jazz. Also dance friendly, swinging Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole tunes, '50s lounge, ...
    Margie Nelson Jazz Group
  • Blues Influenced Rock
    The Mark Roberts Band
  • Rock, acoustic, original
    The MatieB Band
  • Acoustic rock "Seriously Good Music" New Times "Fantastic!" Fox News
    Matt Clark's Mind
  • Matthew McAvene (Mack-Uh-Veen) is a highly prolific musical and visual artist with outstanding versatility. After years of travel and ...
    Matthew McAvene
  • Me & Dinosaur formed in late 2011 as a small acoustic guitar ensemble focused on bluesy riffs, elaborate harmonies, ...
    Me & Dinosaur
  • Tight harmonies
    Mersey Mob
  • Mike Lopez Band
  • Mike Mchugh
  • Rad sounds from sleepy town.
  • The Montecito Jazz Project began as a collaboration between drummer Tom Ray and bassist Tom Towle in 2005. Soon ...
    The Montecito Jazz Project
  • Infused blues and rock, spiced up with some aggression and soul.
    The Mustangs
  • Scrappy, Americana-infused pub-rock
    The Mutineers
  • Pure nudity
    Naked Walrus
  • Lush, lustrous, lamenting, lovely, luminous, and luscious.
    Natalie D-Napoleon
  • This S.B. reggae-rock fusion band's songs blend positive lyrics with delicious dub overlays and a rock backbeat in a ...
    Natural Incense
  • Acoustic rock, with reggae and alternative rock influences.
    The Naybrhood
  • Nekrogoblikon started as a summer side project between Tim and Nicky in 2006. Tim and Nicky recorded the album ...
  • Wild, sensual and electric -- the essence that is rock.
  • Self-described purveyors of the "bedroom rock" genre, Nice: On Ice (NOI to the plugged-in) prides itself on jangly, melodic ...
    Nice : On Ice
  • simple ukulele songs with heart to fill you up.
    Nicola Gordon
  • California country roots
    Nightsky Drive
  • Oddjob
  • Upbeat and lyrical
    The Olé's
  • Four longtime Santa Barbarans and 80's rock junkies decided in 2009 to bring the music to the people. Many ...
    One Eyed Willie
  • A unique blend of old school reggae with a laid back Hawaiian feel.
    One Two Tree
  • A fusion of The Doors with Yann Tiersen
    Other Nature
  • Something between dance, grunge and a white Russian cocktail mixed with a bag of fresh lemons. Born out of ...
    Out of State
  • Paper Swords is an orchestral indie-rock quintet from Santa Barbara, California formed in 2010. The band consists of Ryan ...
    Paper Swords
  • Their sound is a cross between Norah Jones and Damien Rice.
    Pardon Me Francis
  • If this music was food, it would taste like a spicy dish of jambalaya. It's jazz you can dance ...
    Park Bench Prophets
  • Dead + ELP, or Allmans + Yes
    Paull E. Rubin
  • Perfect Loneliness
  • Two people bangin' and strumming along with some vocals occasionally tossed in for good measure...
    Phantom Pomps
  • A Bronx-born, bicoastal-raised rapper, Playbac has put his childhood experiences to good use, blending East and West Coast hip-hop ...
  • Understated, quiet, quirky, and dark, The Pom Poms present themselves to the world without much fanfare in this remarkable ...
    The Pom Poms
  • The lovechild of Brian Batchley and David Reo, The Preachers offer up old-school blues jams with a contemporary edge. ...
    The Preachers Blues Band
  • A group with a West-Coast Dungeon Family sound. Something like Living Legends crossed with Boot Camp Click, combining all ...
    Public Defendaz
  • Melody Driven Folk Pop with an Indie Rock Twist
    Ralph Torrefranca & The Outlawed Sons
  • Rash formed in 2007 and scored front page news with its song "Woodward Dream Cruise" and video. It made ...
  • Alternative Metal with a grunge feel
    Recruit the Fallen
  • Good, original rock 'n' roll. Craig and Justin share the frontman position and the lead and rhythm guitars, while ...
  • The Reignsmen are a Rock & Roll quartet hailing from Santa Barbara, CA. Composed of four musicians Tommy Trujillo ...
    The Reignsmen
  • Formed in 2007 by three 10-year-old friends. All of The Resistance's bandmembers are now 11. The band writes its ...
    The Resistance
  • We are the Resorvation. Elliott Niezel and Zionics. Two Santa Barbara Natives Holding down Underground Hip Hop in the ...
  • A reminder as to why old-school metal was so darn popular. Retrodemon pulls up the roots of metal, bringing ...
  • Rico Suave
    Revival State
  • Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I was lucky enough to be exposed to a range of some of the ...
    Rich Stranger
  • Booker T. & the M.G.'s meet Eugene Chadbourne
    The Richard Wahd Trio
  • Rising Son
  • From dirty rock-reggae to ska to melodic punk, we're not afraid to overdose on experimenting with our own sound ...
  • Jack Johnson meets Don Henley with Jimmy Buffet sitting in.
    Rob Raede
  • Acoustic songwriting with a soothing and melodic direction.
    Robert Steffen
  • Ronelles
  • I make it and leave it to others to describe
  • Rosy Boa emerged from the dust of Kevin Funkhouser's musical subconscious in early 2008. Raised on a steady diet ...
    Rosy Boa
  • Jon Styles, a former R&B artist, met Santa Barbara native, Mark Derchied, in Kona, Hawaii, where both had been ...
  • The Strokes, if Julian Cassablancas had a baby with either Jeff Buckley or Damien Rice. (At least that's what ...
    Ruby Manslaughter
  • Rusty has been making music with family and friends since he was a young boy. The blues of the ...
    Rusty Lindsey Band
  • Often imitated but never duplicated
  • Saint Anne's Place
  • Jazz
    The Sally Cats
  • All acoustic bluegrass music.
    Salt Martians
  • Anyone caught in the line of fire of this Ojai fivesome's crunchy twin-guitar attack will know that this band ...
    Shades of Day
  • Rock, reggae, bluegrass, funk
    Shaky Feelin'
  • Fast, thrashy punk rock that will make you want to circle pit and sing-a-long like the early 90's. A ...
  • Vocal and acoustic instrumental arrangements of aires, reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, and polkas.
    Shepherd's Pie
  • Sidewalk Affair
  • Silent Masquerade
  • Guitars and girls
    Silent Meow
  • A delightfully schizophrenic mixture of Pink Floyd-style breakdowns, mesmerizing vocals, and the funky, upbeat melodies of Weezer. Bring the ...
    Silk Hedge
  • Formerly Audio Pilot, Sink to See blasts pop anthems and introspective hooks utilizing melody and distinctive guitar solos.
    Sink to See
  • Hip Hop with a Boom Bap feel, blended with Jazz, and Funk
    Sinuous and the Bluesteps
  • Featuring former members of local bands Cosmic Revelators and Goodland, Martyrs are a three piece power trio whose sound ...
    Siren Son
  • A fusion of rock, jazz, and country. Some say the band sounds like Springsteen, Steven Stills, and a jazzier ...
    Skip James and Project 41
  • Vividly inventive. Driving, intricate bass, kickin’ drum beats, ripping trippy guitar, and raw, shadowy-angelic lyrics.
    Slanted Land
  • Slow Boat to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Carl Bloomfield, the man behind the Small Dot Complex, has grown from a self-described "New Wave addict" to a ...
    Small Dot Complex
  • Loud and fast, but also melodic.
  • Jazz, with a twist of R&B & funk... Instrumantal Kombo playing wide range of Jazz Standards, along with smooth ...
    So What Kombo
  • "Once in a great while, there comes along a band like the SofaKings that just wants to play a ...
    The SofaKings
  • The Soul Cause
  • Soul music
    The Soul Mates
  • Blends hip hop/reggae/world beats, rhythmic guitar, melodic hooks and conscious rap.
    Soul Spaceship
  • '90s emo
  • "Eighteen years, six countries, 1,019 club dates, 537 backyard parties, five CDs, one gigantic car crash :" There's perhaps ...
    Spencer the Gardener
  • Jason and Colleen met on her front porch years ago while smoking cigarettes and fell in love. He didn't ...
    The Spires
  • SpiritHawk
  • A refreshingly energetic cocktail of punk stylings mixed with funky breakdowns that deliver an altogether crunchy yet catchy sound. ...
    Springtime is Wartime
  • An 8 piece of like-minded souls, Sprout is gaining recognition around the Santa Barbara area for their soulful blues/rock ...
  • A mix of classic rock, folk, jazz, and reggae.
    Still Time
  • High energy, melodic hard rock with a metal edge
  • It's melodic. It's loud. It's kinda psychedelic. We could use every adjective in our Secretary's Handbook (c. 1967) and ...
  • The Strangers
  • Strikes At One is distinct and uncompromising - reminiscent of classic rock but with blues, funk and metal influences ...
    Strikes at One
  • Singer-songwriter based pop rock
    Super Space Nation
  • Mostly upbeat, mostly acoustic, lots of harmonies, and a bit eclectic due to the three songwriters.
    The Sympathetics
  • Fat Guitars, intricate Bass, Tight Drums, and Harmonious Vocals
    Technical Difficulties
  • With influences as diverse as Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and the Beatles, The Hoagland Conspiracy employs harmonica, guitars, and steady ...
    Ted Hoagland
  • Tequila Mockingbird (Formerly Dave’s Not Here, and Santa Barbara Flash Mob) first came together up at Live Oak, where ...
    Tequila Mockingbird
  • Them Terribles are that warm fuzzy place you go to after a few whiskeys. Mixing the catchy straightforwardness of ...
    Them Terribles
  • Todd's own sound is influenced by musicians like JJ Cale, Nick Drake, Mark Knopfler, Gillian Welch, and M.Ward. Todd's ...
    Todd Hannigan & The Heavy 29's
  • It's rock with a retro feel and a modern spin, along with pop choruses. The Independent has described it ...
    Tommy & the High Pilots
  • Nearly ten years ago, Craig Donen (guitar and vocals) climbed off a plane at LAX armed with a roll ...
    Trading Zeros
  • Travis Loughridge
  • From the grimey streets of Athens, GA to the mangled scene of North Hollywood, the Treadwells are just gettin ...
    The Treadwells
  • Tripdavon came together in 2004 and started out playing the nonstop party scene around U.C. Santa Barbara. Friends since ...
  • The now defunct Youth and Beauty Brigade which has been playing downtown for the last couple years has reformed ...
    Two Headed Boy
  • Combines the soulfulness of James Taylor with the pop sensibilities of Jack Johnson
    Ukulele Jim
  • Bringing the feel-good tunes of Dixieland to The James Joyce every Saturday night since 1998, the group's fans range ...
    Ulysses S. Jasz
  • Mainstream rap and R&B with a strong rock 'n' roll influence.
  • A unique blend of classic, progressive, and alternative rock styles.
    The Unknown Daze
  • Unique blend of ska, roots reggae, and rocksteady, with politically and environmentally conscious lyrics.
    The Upbeat
  • influences of jazz, western and blues
    Valarie Mulberry
  • Part snotty pop punk, part contemplative indie rock, and part neo-New Wave, The Veltexans' Everything's the Matter is a ...
    The Veltexans
  • Experimental rock
    Verna Beware
  • Huge drums, shredding guitars, catchy melodies
    Versus the World
  • Vienna Boa
  • A combination of Nouveau Flamenco artists Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Willie and Lobo, Rumba super group Gipsy Kings, and ...
    Vincent Zorn
  • Waiting Around to Die
  • Acoustic and electric folk rock, with four-part vocal harmonies inspired by CSNY, Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac
    Walking West
  • Suppose we sound like what a harp and baritone ukulele would sound like together. Folky-pop, on the quieter side? ...
    Watercolor Paintings
  • 2011 might earn a place in history for many reasons. Among music fans however, it marks the launch of ...
    We Govern We
  • Spontaneous. Lots of drums and smiling.
  • If you had to pick exactly one word to describe the sound of the White Fires of Venus, it ...
    The White Fires of Venus
  • Jazz, Funky Soul and Rock 'n Roll
  • Genuine Hard Rock
    Winchester Rebels
  • Rock, funk, and metal.
    Woodpecker From Mars
  • The Wools
  • A mixture of blues, funk, soul, rock, reggae, and more. Energetic, dynamic, organic, and bright.
    Wrong Again
  • This singer/ songwriter/ producer/ guitarist/ drummer/ record label co-owner fused all his talents to create a lyric-driven medley of ...
    Zach Madden
  • Jazz, rock, reggae, funk, and samba in a blender
  • Guitar rock, but not.
    flapping, Flapping
  • Needle on vinyl

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