September 2, 8:31 PM

nomoresanity on "Foresters Win NBC Championship" Wow Ollie, dumb to the infinity; I played D1 basketball and pro ball in Europe and 2 years of AA baseball, so being a frustrated loser athlete is not my ... Read More.

September 2, 8:00 PM

howgreenwasmyvalley on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" I block all ads no matter what the subject matter, they are just a nuisance, taught my family to do the same, no law needed. Read More.

September 2, 7:53 PM

Herschel_Greenspan on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" I'm all about the bass no treble. Read More.

September 2, 7:12 PM

loonpt on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" “Our customers have always told us they want to see others like them in advertising, and we want to make that a reality.” lol, if it was as simple as ... Read More.

September 2, 6:55 PM

snugspout on "Students for Measure P" I have no knowledge or opinion about supposed Marxists that some of the commentators are hysterically shrieking about. But your panic and hyperventilating sure convinces me you are not the ... Read More.

September 2, 6:01 PM

billclausen on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" It's common knowledge that ads are deceptive. One example is of how legs, when measured on the photo/drawing itself, are proportionally much larger in relation to the body than one's ... Read More.

September 2, 5:31 PM

tabatha on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" Links to studies, please. I ignore all ads, always have. Read More.

September 2, 5:17 PM

14noscams on "Students for Measure P" continued " I also found it appalling that American tax dollars are reportedly being used to pay for the large contingent (approximately 500) of American troops who have been preparing ... Read More.

September 2, 5:16 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Logo Fight" Dateline Sept 14, 2006. Been there, done that already. But it does keep one's mind off 9-11-14 deja vu all over again. Read More.

September 2, 5:16 PM

14noscams on "Students for Measure P" snugspout: "Thank goodness water is no longer privatized." I don't know if there's any significant private ownership of water rights in SB County. The title to my mesa property includes ... Read More.

September 2, 5:11 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Students for Measure P" Here is an opinion to consider: we don't like the shape of the county of tomorrow that passage of Measure P would impose.. Status quo works. Cars are fine. We ... Read More.

September 2, 4:47 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Stone Pines Distressed by Drought" What is taking so long, you ask? You do realize the city is operating on massive budget deficits, don't you. The city's unfunded maintenance list is now up to $450 ... Read More.

September 2, 4:01 PM

Phanatic76 on "Students for Measure P" Wow, so many haters; does your hatred make you feel better? If not there really is no point to it. Refusing to accept that students have a legitimate voice and ... Read More.

September 2, 3:42 PM

catskinner on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" How I would love to exist day after day in the Utopian mindset of these anti-oil people. Maybe fairies would bring me free socialist stuff so I could continue to ... Read More.

September 2, 3:36 PM

realitycheck88 on "Lawmakers Push for Truth in Ads" Lost completely in this article and within the minds of well-meaning but endlessly ineffective (potential) legislation is the hard fact that WOMEN prefer to see ads of perfect women! Not ... Read More.

September 2, 3:31 PM

peets4coffee on "Stone Pines Distressed by Drought" It would be nice (as I live on Olive Street) if those dead stonepines were removed asap! they have been dead all summer--what is taking so long? A fire on ... Read More.

September 2, 3:30 PM

DJ_Jazy_Van_Jones on "Students for Measure P" @snugspout Reading comprehension is key here. If you were cleaning oil up in 1969, how then, can you be offended personally that the Water Guardians allied themselves with the group ... Read More.

September 2, 3:28 PM

dewdly on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" "Who benefits" is the key to any false flag investigation and the benefits and beneficiaries are easier to see as time goes on. The first person to judge 9/11 to ... Read More.

September 2, 3:09 PM

loonpt on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" You know what I'm really sick of?? All of this deception, we are being deceived about almost everything these days. Has anybody actually watched these fake beheading videos that the ... Read More.

September 2, 2:18 PM

discoboy on "Loss of Hollister/Glen Annie Sidewalks the Last Straw" AutoCoalition, where are the facts to back up your statement that Doreen Farr "fully supports this [Westar] project and increasing density in Goleta." The Westar project is within the jurisdictional ... Read More.

September 2, 2:11 PM

Jamell on "Poisonous Bird Food?" A horrible situation. I love birds, many people do, and all living things carry diseases, Hydrex. Should we just clear the playing field,then? Poison everything? What a crock. I like ... Read More.

September 2, 2:03 PM

billclausen on "Students for Measure P" Meanwhile, there are too many rats in the cage fighting over limited scraps of cheese, but the good news is that this is a progressive Paradise, therefore, even if Santa ... Read More.

September 2, 1:53 PM

snugspout on "Students for Measure P" I've been certainly impacted by Platform Holly, and spent a fair amount of time cleaning the shores in 1969. Of course oil is crucial, almost as important as drinking water ... Read More.

September 2, 1:47 PM

DJ_Jazy_Van_Jones on "Students for Measure P" @spacey Riiiiiiiiiiight. Read More.

September 2, 1:44 PM

Botany on "Logo Fight" I'm no fan of McDonald's, but as a piece of art, it's a POS. Read More.

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