October 1, 11:13 AM

chubbco on "'Hot Dog Man' Sales Tax Bill Signed" Dear Mr Welsh and your copy editor, I think that should be "exulted," not "exalted." Read More.

October 1, 11:08 AM

loonpt on "UCSB Police Nab 10 at DUI Checkpoint" That is a really bad headline, although it is technically accurate it is deceptive. They didn't nab 10 people for DUIs at the checkpoint, they only really nabbed one who ... Read More.

October 1, 10:47 AM

SB2SB on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" It's SOP to euthanize wildlife when they come into now human occupied areas and have a violent confrontation with humans, provoked or not. Not a knee jerk reaction. I'm not ... Read More.

October 1, 10:33 AM

Jenna on "Pray Tell: The Hocus Pocus of Happy Thoughts" I, too, am deeply sorry for your loss. I am also with you on the prayer thing. I was raised Catholic and always felt that prayer was self-serving--so I tried ... Read More.

October 1, 10:31 AM

loonpt on "UCSB Helps Create Ocean Health Index" What did the Pacific Northeastern sector score? Read More.

October 1, 10:19 AM

tabatha on "The Misguided Measure P" Sensible article with no hype but rational arguments. However, here is a point that bothers me. "In regulating oil drilling, we should treat problems in the same way that we ... Read More.

October 1, 10:00 AM

bimboteskie on "Accused Scammer Gets Cold Feet" Good, I would love to see this go to trial. Read More.

October 1, 9:59 AM

bimboteskie on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" Ms. Miles sounds like she has a great sense of humor. I say leave the bear alone, geeze why euthanize the thing? It probably thought the dog was lunch, and ... Read More.

October 1, 9:46 AM

catskinner on "The Misguided Measure P" The oil produced locally IS sold locally. Or does that not make sense to you. Being as it's illegal to export it. Kinda like a farmers market for oil. Read More.

October 1, 9:40 AM

nativegeo on "The Misguided Measure P" 7dophins, what does Measure P have to do with Platforms? Read More.

October 1, 9:19 AM

blahblahmoreblah on "Eyes on UCSB for Nobel" Not discounting or ignoring Dr. Stucky's abilities, credentials, intellect or anything like that. He's more than deserving of recognition. However, the problem is this: The Kardouchians and that type of ... Read More.

October 1, 9:13 AM

sevendolphins on "The Misguided Measure P" Smith makes many good points, but in the end he is not persuasive. He does not address the 1973 Coal Oil Point upwelling, which might well have been caused by ... Read More.

October 1, 8:31 AM

salsipuedes on "Living Legend: Tony Bennett" "It was a tragedy to lose her [Winehouse] so young." Say that again! And at 26, truth be told Winehouse hadn't even gotten started. There's another subject I wish the ... Read More.

October 1, 7:52 AM

John_Adams on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" See, if Cottage Hospital Corporation did not have to plant street trees and repair sidewalks and only accept noisy deliveries during daytime and limit their employees to their own car ... Read More.

October 1, 6:52 AM

nativegeo on "P Is for the Planet" nuff, its religious fundamentalism. Logic doesn't apply. Read More.

October 1, 6:23 AM

nativeson on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" In total agreement, Eckermann. When younger, I hiked the backcountry often, occasionally traversing the wilderness area for over two weeks at a time. Of course while doing that, I encountered ... Read More.

October 1, 6:23 AM

pardallchewinggumspot on "Accused Scammer Gets Cold Feet" Maybe there should be an injunction concerning all the swindlers and scammers in Montecito & Hope Ranch. The financial crime in those places is out of control. Read More.

October 1, 6:16 AM

random_kook on "Bringing the Light to Isla Vista " Yes, Loon, it would work great if there was any interest in reducing pointless arrests of UCSB students. Simply, when the police stop a student for being drunk in public, ... Read More.

October 1, 6:14 AM

DrDan on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" Great posts above. I've encountered three bears over some decades tramping around our backcountry: all three ran when I saw them, and I chased trying to photograph them! Once again, ... Read More.

October 1, 5:25 AM

nuffalready on "P Is for the Planet" A BTU of 'green' biodiesel takes a 1000 times more water to produce than a BTU of frack gas. Yet the Obama administration wants to increase the biofuels mandate. Where ... Read More.

October 1, 5:17 AM

atomic_state on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" Eckermann speaks knowingly about unleashed dogs, and leashed dogs too ("Best to... leave it at home"). Coyotes sometimes attack leashed dogs, even big ones. That was the case with a ... Read More.

October 1, 4:18 AM

mzpn on "Dinner at Your Doorstep" You are doing great things Alexis and Ron. Read More.

October 1, 1:59 AM

billclausen on "Payback?" @Nativego: Those who are behind the expansion already have more money in their bank accounts than most people will ever have. Rest assured that they will never have to worry ... Read More.

October 1, 1:42 AM

billclausen on "Bringing the Light to Isla Vista " Are you drunk in IV again loon? nomoresanity (anonymous profile) September 30, 2014 at 11:19 p.m. As I recall, Loon is more into pot than alcohol, and who says he's ... Read More.

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