November 25, 11:33 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Sea Level Rise Slowing?" The Maldives Islands solved their rising sea water problems after developers stopped investing since the Islands claimed they were the poster child for destructive climate change. Then all the sudden ... Read More.

November 25, 10:43 PM

JarvisJarvis on "City College Mending Fences with Neighbors?" Here is what Aspen said they liked about SBCC, but notice the very careful wording .. 57% of "full-time students" -- which are not that many since most SBCC students ... Read More.

November 25, 10:21 PM

Terrafirma on "City College Mending Fences with Neighbors?" Daniel Iacofano is a paid outside professional hack hired to quell the restless SB natives. It's all PR. "Neighborhood Task Force appear on the verge of achieving actual results"–really? It's ... Read More.

November 25, 9:49 PM

MaureenHanson on "Teaching Students to Learn" I really like the idea of this.. As it remind me one of mine more precious work that I think is not done quite nicely and perfectly. Read More.

November 25, 9:21 PM

sallyt on "Montecito Bank & Trust Doles Out $1 Million" Let Montecito Bank and Trust be an inspiration to ALL of us!!! Tis the season for sharing and caring!!! Read More.

November 25, 9:14 PM

sallyt on "Downtown Holiday Tree Arrives Tuesday" A huge thank you to Consumer Fire Products and Southern California Edison for a beautiful holiday tree!!!! Read More.

November 25, 8:56 PM

NoOnPMemes on "Don't Frack with Denton, Texas" Mendocino County now jails and fines any member of a company who stores equipment capable of fracking in Mendocino County for more than eight hours. Mendocino now fines harm against ... Read More.

November 25, 8:37 PM

NoOnPMemes on "The Homeless Bill of Rights" Homelessness is another trojan horse Occupy leftovers the After Party have on the books to steal individual rights under the guise of charity. This is the classical appeal to emotions ... Read More.

November 25, 8:22 PM

NoOnPMemes on "Sea Level Rise Slowing?" Without sea level rise as an excuse, how will Mercedes marxists get free taxpayer funding for wetlands, land grabs, water grabs, and mineral rights grabs? Read More.

November 25, 8:19 PM

NoOnPMemes on "'We the People' Shrink When We Don't Vote" We need to teach voters how to wax on and wax off before the big tournament. There is such an educational deficit that people will fall for anything they think ... Read More.

November 25, 8:14 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Montecito Bank & Trust Doles Out $1 Million" Well, at least he said "doles" and not "Doles" because had he done that, I would have though he was referring to Robert (Mr. Viagra) and Elizabeth Dole. Read More.

November 25, 8:09 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Survival Math" JarvisJarvis, Y R U being such a nasty 1 2-day? Read More.

November 25, 8:07 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Police Raid Almond Avenue Meth Den" Dreamers. JarvisJarvis (anonymous profile) November 25, 2014 Read More.

November 25, 6:02 PM

pecanpie on "Montecito Bank & Trust Doles Out $1 Million" There is nothing at all wrong with the word "doles" as used in the headline here and Towbes can dole out money to me anytime he wants. Combination of over-sensitivity ... Read More.

November 25, 6:02 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Survival Math" Got it. You want perfection and you want it cheap. They do have water. That count for anything today? Read More.

November 25, 5:24 PM

DrDan on "Survival Math" Santa Paula's a pleasant town; but it often has horrendous smog. Read More.

November 25, 5:23 PM

DrDan on "Montecito Bank & Trust Doles Out $1 Million" Towbes is a good guy and generous. I saw nothing odd about the headline, although being "on the dole" is negative. Read More.

November 25, 5:11 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Survival Math" Santa Paula is less than an hour, and a world apart. Put your money on Santa Paula if you want a small town, good weather, local feel and in one ... Read More.

November 25, 5:07 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Survival Math" ...and you do this of your own free will, but your own choice, without being forced to.... realitycheck88 (anonymous profile) November 24, 2014 at 4:29 p.m You must be an ... Read More.

November 25, 5:06 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Survival Math" Santa Maria is 74 miles from Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo is even further north from Santa Barbara than Santa Maria. How do you figure within an hour? Read More.

November 25, 5:03 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Restaurant Roy Endures " Here is some news about the food. Read More.

November 25, 4:00 PM

gnusman on "Restaurant Roy Endures " Nice piece Ethan, but how about a bit more about the FOOD! Although I've been out of SB for 14 years now, I assume Roy is still getting fresh produce ... Read More.

November 25, 3:10 PM

Num1UofAn on "Montecito Bank & Trust Doles Out $1 Million" Thanks for your coverage of this, Matt! Read More.

November 25, 2:39 PM

Nockamixon on "Ice Rink in Goleta Breaks Ground" I am doubtful that this ice rink will serve the needs of the larger community, beyond the well-to-do who will be able to afford the fees. I don't see the ... Read More.

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