September 17, 6:38 AM

nuffalready on "Pull the Plug on Diablo" We'd have to replace Diablo if we pulled the plug on it. After we get done kidding ourselves about wind or solar, we'd end up with a plant fueled by ... Read More.

September 17, 6:26 AM

nuffalready on "Disruption Is On" Heck with Hummer H-3s. Too slow. Al Gore is taking his private jet. Read More.

September 17, 6:19 AM

nuffalready on "Oil In, Oil Out" Duff: The water guardian, eco religionist types are not rational people. They cant be bothered with logic. Read More.

September 17, 6:17 AM

DavyBrown on "Disruption Is On" hopefully it's at least an H-3, Botz. Read More.

September 17, 6:16 AM

DavyBrown on "The Roots of ISIS" statute of limitations: that was in 1948, and it was regrettable in some ways, yes, however, all YOU think about is "the violence, terrorism, dispossession and expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians" ... Read More.

September 17, 6:06 AM

nuffalready on "Measure P Will Cost Jobs" So you just created the 'Skunk_Ape' profile (a minute ago) to toss in your 'I dont care about jobs' opener. Yawn. Go back to bed. Read More.

September 17, 6:06 AM

Botany on "Disruption Is On" I'm going up to the bay area to take the climate train too! I'm taking my Hummer to get there! Read More.

September 17, 6:02 AM

Botany on "Measure P Will Cost Jobs" "I do not care about jobs", unless it's my own. Read More.

September 17, 4:53 AM

Skunk_Ape on "Measure P Will Cost Jobs" I'm sorry but where the environment is concerned I do not care about jobs. Jobs can be replaced. The Earth cannot. Read More.

September 16, 10:52 PM

Herschel_Greenspan on "Super Aerodynamic Solar Car Stops in Santa Barbara" Jarvis,abre los ojos pendejo. Have you heard about Tesla? They do some fancy engineering there ese. Read More.

September 16, 10:22 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Super Aerodynamic Solar Car Stops in Santa Barbara" Where are the American engineers? Read More.

September 16, 10:12 PM

blackpoodles on "City Settles Excessive Force Cases for $170,000" The City got off easy. Tudor is a brute and should be fired before he kills someone. Read More.

September 16, 9:50 PM

chsmac on "Super Aerodynamic Solar Car Stops in Santa Barbara" amazing that a little article about a solar car can become an excuse for bicycle bashing. ripe for parody. more car on cyclist accidents since new chef arrives at wine ... Read More.

September 16, 9:36 PM

realitycheck88 on "Skateboarders and Drunks?" What? To Ken_Volok 1. I am not against skaters. I wrote "Don't skate on the *sidewalk*. How hard is it for you to differentiate between the street and sidewalks? 2. ... Read More.

September 16, 9:24 PM

random_kook on "Social Responsibility" It's a matter of context. Once you send the kids to Iraq to fight ISIS, violent behavior will no longer seem abnormal. Read More.

September 16, 8:59 PM

atomic_state on "Skateboarders and Drunks?" Let's not be superficially judgmental. Even though it jumps like a monkey and smells like a monkey, couldn't it still be an ape? Read More.

September 16, 8:48 PM

dewdly on "The Roots of ISIS" DavyBrown, How can you "totally support" the violence, terrorism, dispossession and expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians that was necessary to establish a Jewish state in Palestine? Read More.

September 16, 8:24 PM

billclausen on "Skateboarders and Drunks?" When on State Street: 1. Don't skate on the sidewalks. 2. Pull up your pants. 3. Stop smoking pot in public. 4. Wash your clothes. 5. Politely say hello to ... Read More.

September 16, 8:23 PM

random_kook on "Disruption Is On" Yes, we need more nuclear power, and replacement of old power plants. That's the only way to reduce CO2 emissions while demand for electricity grows. Wind and solar are for ... Read More.

September 16, 8:13 PM

gsjoh on "Student Injured in More Mesa Cave-In" Report back on where the mean (mien) high tide line is, discoboy. I assure you it isn't 2/3s of the way up the cliffs. However, facts are facts. Measure it ... Read More.

September 16, 7:49 PM

sevendolphins on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" to Sheriff Thomas; I'm not against oil and gas as a product. I experienced first hand Venoco's and Mobil's responses when they had major gas releases. No contrition whatsoever. Haranguing ... Read More.

September 16, 6:48 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Measure P: Who’s Scaring Whom?" Update on the German Energiewerde reforms put in place August 2014 - Utopia meets Reality. Like Obamacare, this trillion euro energy conversion project remains a work in progress. We all ... Read More.

September 16, 6:27 PM

buckwheat on "Unfair Sentencing in Santa Barbara?" I couldn't have said it better, RHS. Read More.

September 16, 6:14 PM

nuffalready on "Disruption Is On" Its been 7 years since we insisted on painting blue lines on SB streets, showing where the new shore line will be after AGW melts Greenland. Hows that Blue Line ... Read More.

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