October 30, 7:16 AM

MikeJordan on "Tempers Flare over District Elections" That's ironic, Mr. Cappello feeling insulted. Murillo is spot on in her assessment in this case. It is all about the money, the hundreds of thousands of dollars, city dollars, ... Read More.

October 30, 7:14 AM

sensiblemolly on "An Anti-Endorsement" It is your wonderful environmentalist that have stopped all progress of alternative energy in the past and will in the future. As soon as a project is put on paper, ... Read More.

October 30, 7:04 AM

sensiblemolly on "Sleep with Dogs, Wake with Fishes" Nick: I think you are an angry "Poodle" for sure. You attack Santa Maria Energy. This field is 100+ years old and has many wells that do not require steaming. ... Read More.

October 30, 6:48 AM

sensiblemolly on "Measure P Money Creeps Up" What a shame this much money has to go to defeat a flawed and drastic measure. It should never been allowed to get past the board as written. This measure ... Read More.

October 30, 6:48 AM

Priceless on "Sheriff Addresses Law Enforcement Militarization" Can any of you explain to me (us) what the purpose of a "Police Force" is?? Forgive me if I'm a little naive but don't the police already carry, Handguns, ... Read More.

October 30, 6:37 AM

Priceless on "Gas Prices Dip to More Than Three-Year Low" Prices are only low because it's an election year. Wait till after November then get back to me with an article that states "Politicians want more taxes added to gasoline ... Read More.

October 30, 6:37 AM

nuffalready on "I Am Very Disappointed" Attention WGs, Greenies, Assorted In-to-Its: As of Oct 30, the the Indy reversed course, professing their new found love for Measure P. We know you didnt mean all those nasty ... Read More.

October 30, 6:35 AM

loganwc on "Incumbents Run Unopposed" Simpleton for Mayor? Read More.

October 30, 5:58 AM

nuffalready on "An Anti-Endorsement" Nick: I keep asking the WGs and get no answer. What happened with the Blue Line Project? You know, that effort 7 years ago to paint lines on city streets ... Read More.

October 30, 5:58 AM

billclausen on "Sheriff Addresses Law Enforcement Militarization" I ask all who read this to take a moment to reflect on what the Founding Fathers fought for, and how this fits into their idea of a free society. Read More.

October 30, 5:43 AM

nuffalready on "Sheriff Addresses Law Enforcement Militarization" Nothing good about Sheriffs arming for war. War against who we might beg to ask. Read More.

October 30, 4:57 AM

geeber on "Sleep with Dogs, Wake with Fishes" Thanks Poodle for reminding voters that the P vote is not only about potential water contamination. Santa Maria Energy will become our biggest local air polluter with their newly approved ... Read More.

October 30, 4:48 AM

geeber on "Measure P: Shocked" 49erfan, rats , I have one thing in common with you, our shoot themselves in the foot team. Cyclic steam injection has its problems and you know it. In Alberta ... Read More.

October 30, 4:23 AM

geeber on "Measure P Is Not Flawed" Santa Maria Energy's recently approved expansion plans allow them to add 87,000 tons of air polluting greenhouse gasses annually. This is indisputable fact. It makes them the regions single largest ... Read More.

October 30, 2:25 AM

nativeson on "Mitchum’s Biggest Role Yet?" The poster "virtuallynothing" wrote: "Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term." That statement is not entirely accurate. From the US Senate site: "Members of Congress ... Read More.

October 30, 2:08 AM

nativeson on "Council Cracks Down on Street People" I'd like to know which study that "Advocate" Deborah Barnes is referencing with her statement that "79 percent of the targeted “young travelers” actually live in Santa Barbara". Taking up ... Read More.

October 30, 1:20 AM

retprotector on "Council Cracks Down on Street People" Well if the City and County would stop catering to these people, they would go away... but no... we give them everything they need to set up their lives right ... Read More.

October 30, 12:54 AM

dolphinpod14 on " The Pirate Life of Winemakers During Harvest" I hate to have to do this, but U bought this upon Urself Read More.

October 30, 12:22 AM

maximum on "Geology Experts Confirm Fracking Risks" This paragraph says it all: "What’s more, regardless of whether the specific technique is fracking, acidizing, or steam injection, the problems of water use, water contamination, air emissions, health impacts, ... Read More.

October 30, 12:17 AM

maximum on "An Anti-Endorsement" No on P is the only way to vote if you care about the Santa Barbara County you have come here to inhabit! See what Chamber of Commerce says: Read More.

October 30, 12:15 AM

maximum on "Sorting Out the Facts" No on "P." Be informed - Chamber of Commerce says "NO." Read More.

October 29, 11:56 PM

landlover on "Ventura Sheriff's Deputy Hit and Killed During Traffic Stop" Drunk driving is stupid and irresponsible, yes. Being a stormtrooper for the death empire is far stupider, and far more irresponsible. Read More.

October 29, 11:53 PM

landlover on "Ventura Sheriff's Deputy Hit and Killed During Traffic Stop" Hi loonpt, Just wanted to give you a high five. I love it when I read thoughtful comments like yours. Gives me hope. - To truth in a sea of ... Read More.

October 29, 11:41 PM

loonpt on "Ventura Sheriff's Deputy Hit and Killed During Traffic Stop" Well ChrisR, I'm just sitting back laughing - because all I see are a bunch of people calling me horrible names and saying that I am lacking in mental cognition ... Read More.

October 29, 9:28 PM

geeber on "Geology Experts Confirm Fracking Risks" Despite the Nope's insistence that massive expansion is not planned, Pac Coast Biz Times gets it straight from the horses mouth. Read More.

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