Attorney Darryl Genis Again Accused of Misconduct

[VIDEO]: Surveillance footage shows him apparently photographing and tampering with a prosecutor's private notes during a recent DUI trial. Read story.

Judge Strikes Down Gang Injunction

Rules residents aren’t “prisoners in their own homes.” Read story.

The Fight for the Bees

Jul. 29, 6 a.m.

Feds Look to Quash Nuclear Treaty Lawsuit

Santa Barbara's Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Worked with the Marshall Islands to File Unprecedented ComplaintJul. 28, 4 p.m.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?

UCSB Student Government Hosts Town Hall ForumJul. 24, 12 a.m.

County Moves Forward with First Big Solar Project

40-Megawatt System in Cuyama Would Power 15,000 HomesJul. 24, 12 a.m.

Judge Strikes Down Gang Injunction

Rules Residents Aren’t ‘Prisoners in Their Own Homes’Jul. 22, 11 p.m.

Attorney Darryl Genis Again Accused of Misconduct

[VIDEO]: Surveillance Footage Shows Him Apparently Photographing and Tampering with Prosecutor's Private Notes During DUI Trial Updated Jul. 23, 11:00 a.m.

Bike Coalition Shifting into High Gear

Escrow Closes on Haley Street Digs; Pioneering Bike Advocate Ralph Fertig DiesJul. 21, 8 a.m.

City College: Tax Locally, Serve Globally?

Debate and Discussion Swirl Around New Bond Measure and Affordable Housing IssueJul. 17, 12 a.m.

Who Gives a Frack?

State Regulators Hear Arguments For, Against Drilling LawJul. 17, 12 a.m.

Tenants Chosen for Funk Zone Artist Village

Developer Neil Dipaola Also Paving Way for Four-Story Mega ProjectJul. 17, 12 a.m.

Prosecution Launches Attack on David Lack

Is the Contractor and GOP Bigwig Guilty of Financial Chicanery?Jul. 17, 12 a.m.

Authorities Make Eight More Deltopia Arrests

Jul. 16, 12 p.m.

San Miguel Island Closure Irks Officials

Many Questioning Navy’s Sudden Shutdown of Channel Islands National Park Isle Jul. 15, 10 p.m.

Indy Photographer Paul Wellman Wins National Award

Jul. 15, 12 p.m.


Goleta-Born Burger Chain Chars the CompetitionJul. 12, 12 p.m.

UCSB Housing Fire Latest in String of Possible Arsons

Nearby Apartment Complex Reports Nine Suspicious Fires in Past YearJul. 10, 12 a.m.

Santa Barbara Paying More for Less Water

State Agency Makes Big Error and Puts Central Coast on the Hook for $9.3 MillionJul. 10, 12 a.m.

New Gun Laws After Isla Vista Murders?

Lois Capps Leads Charge for Stricter RegulationsJul. 10, 12 a.m.

Counties Ending Immigration Holds

Santa Barbara Joins Jurisdictions Who Have Stopped the Courtesy to the FedsJul. 10, 12 a.m.

The Bait and Switch of Seafood Fraud

Dual Bills Look to Close Legal Loopholes, but Fishermen and Others Worry About More Red Tape and Higher CostsJul. 9, 12 a.m.

Skewed Distribution in Transfers to UC

SBCC Ranks #5 in Sending Students to UniversityJul. 7, 6 a.m.

A Muddy Affair: Historic Home Spared Demolition

Pearl Chase Society Goes to Bat for Montecito's 174-Year-Old Hosmer AdobeJul. 3, 12 a.m.

Council Intervenes in Hedge Spite Bite

Height Ordinance Tweaked to Limit Number of Revenge ComplaintsJul. 3, 12 a.m.

'Bubble Ordinance' Not Yet Popped

Supreme Court Ruling Likely Won't Change S.B. Abortion Protest LawJul. 3, 12 a.m.

Santa Barbara Protests Hobby Lobby Decision

Jul. 2, 4 p.m.

Voting Discrimination Lawsuit Filed

Attorney argues city council doesn’t adequately represent Latinos.

Convicted Murderer Sues County for Alleged Jail Beating

Court documents detail the confrontation between Charles Owens and two guards.

Dropping Digital Nukes in the Name of Education

NUKEMAP models explosion and fallout, and it gives relatable dimension to an ...

Meeting Congressional Candidate Chris Mitchum

Former actor looks to unseat Lois Capps in the House of Representatives.

Goleta Engineer Awarded $1.13 Million in Discrimination Case

Carlos Ortiz sued sonar equipment maker Teledyne RESON Inc. for favoring its ...

Dog Mauled to Death at County Shelter

12-year-old Kitti was killed after an employee accidentally left a kennel gate ...

Wells Fargo to Open on Milpas

Bank plans to make Milpas Street home to fourth city branch.

Two-Day Crosswalk Sting Nets 144 Citations

Pedestrian right-of-way enforced across Goleta and Santa Barbara.

Couple Arrested for Drug Sales, Child Endangerment

Armando and Jessica Arrayga were in possession of 138 grams of meth ...

How Will County Handle Exemptions to Fracking and Acidizing Ban?

Supervisors return Tuesday to mull protocol options for property owners and oil ...

UCSB Professor Pleads No Contest in Theft, Battery Case

Dr. Mireille Miller-Young will likely be ordered to pay a fine and ...

La Entrada Hits Snag

Worries emerge that traffic along lower State Street may back up to ...

Water Hogs Facing Stiff Fines

And the county sees a 100% increase in new well applications.

Death Penalty Terminated

Santa Barbara has nine men on death row.

The Fight for the Bees

Environmental and food safety groups in Alameda County have challenged the state's method of approving ... Read story.

Feds Look to Quash Nuclear Treaty Lawsuit

Santa Barbara's Nuclear Age Peace Foundation worked with the Marshall Islands to file the unprecedented ... Read story.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?

UCSB student government hosts town hall forum about possible next steps for management. Read story.

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