We All Need Health Care Now

National Health Insurance Saves Money in the Long Run

Medicare's seniors-only coverage was all that Congress would pass in 1965. Sound familiar? Read story.

A Once and Future Dog

Give us your wretched refuse teeming to get the hell out of hell. Read story.

Where’s the Best Fiesta Food?

For the umpteenth summer, Barney went searching for the best at Los Mercados de la Guerra and del Norte. Read story.

The Boss Responds

A call to Angie's List about its transparency in advertising is answered by Angie herself. Read story.

We All Need Health Care Now

National Health Insurance Saves Money in the Long Run

Medicare's seniors-only coverage was all that Congress would pass in 1965. Sound familiar? Read story.

Falling to Pieces

Bicycle Master Plan Effort Misguided

The city's Bicycle Master Plan is a wall-papering job to cover up the massive failure of the city's bicycle promotion. Read story.

Germany Awake, America Asleep?

Differing Views on Information Capital and Spying

Views on information capital and spying differ across the Atlantic. Read story.

Mission and State in Retrospect

I feel compelled to address the onslaught of unchallenged misinformation regarding Mission and State. Read story.

Voting Rights for All

People with Disabilities Are Prevented from Voting

Fifty years after the Mississippi Freedom Summer, voting rights are still challenged for people with disabilities. Read story.

Burning Away All Sins

There is a cool serenity at 3:50 a.m. that contrasts the long, hot day. Read story.

KBC Saturday

It was a calm, warm night in Kigali, and I was sitting out in front of the house with ... Read story.


Riffing on both sides of the Deltopia debacle while feeling like each thought is a spell's magic tentacle. Read story.

Memories of Better Days Persist

Many St. Anthony's students have contacted me, and one asked about the barbershop, where he had sought refuge one ... Read story.

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Did you hear that Harmony was sold? Read Letter

Marriage: No Diversity

All things equal; a homosexual relationship lacks diversity in comparison to a heterosexual one. Read Letter

Greenville Water for Montecito?

Indian Valley Community Services District proposes to sell and transfer 1,000 acre-feet of water to Montecito Water District. Read Letter

Fiesta Animal Cruelty

I thought I had moved to an enlightened place, but I was shocked to see the rodeo come to town during Fiesta. Read Letter

U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza

U.S. taxpayers are supplying or funding every explosive that tears a child apart in Gaza. Read Letter

A Look at Hamas

It is sad to see a flare-up of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, but it is vital to remember some essential facts. Read Letter

Dog Killer

On Thursday, a sweet, loving 12-year-old dog was mauled to death at our Santa Barbara County shelter. Read Letter

Killer Dog

On Thursday, an employee accidentally left a kennel gate open, allowing multiple dogs to have direct contact with each other, including Kitti, a 12-year-old boxer/pit bull/terrier mix. Read Letter

District System Fair

Latinos all over California realize they have been ripped off by the “at large” election of councilmembers. Read Letter

Bad Dog

I've always looked forward to reading the Angry Poodle Barbecue; last week's article was an eye-opener. Read Letter

Event Dissent

Pleeeeeeeeeease bring back the way you used to post events online. Read Letter

Bond Bounds

For Measure S, SBCC needs to lay out a plan that charts where the college intends to go with its growth plans. Read Letter


Would you like to take a bath in shame? / Move to Murrieta Read Letter

Economic Terrorists?

Measure P proponents are spreading falsehoods to scare people into banning oil production using pure steam. Read Letter

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