Buellton's Council Choices

A Look at Apparently Self-Serving Politicians

Many politicians are good and strong leaders, but some are not. Read story.

Turning Whine into Water

The Poodle dissects drought-related gab fests. Read story.

Chumash Cash In on Chumps

New 12-story resort and casino builds on the wages of gambling. Read story.

The Ethics of War

Unlike Col. Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, President Obama shows a philosophical reluctance to wage war. Read story.

Buellton's Council Choices

A Look at Apparently Self-Serving Politicians

Many politicians are good and strong leaders, but some are not. Read story.

Fire, Climate Change, and Measure P

Firefighters are aware of the fire danger created by climate-change-induced drier conditions, higher temperatures, and rapidly changing wind conditions. Read story.

Proposition 47 Poses Problems

Reducing Penalties Exposes Communities to Increased Criminality

Prosecutors and judges lose discretion in dealing with repeat offenders and drug offenders. Read story.

We, the People, Say 'Yes on Measure P!'

How Can The Indy Say No?

Passing Measure P tells the fossil fuel industry that voters do not want profits and greed to have more standing than people's health. Read story.

Prop. 47 Says 'Get Smart on Crime'

Costs of Prosecuting Minor Crimes Could Be Better Used

Savings could go into education, job training, and the treatment of mental illness and drug addiction. Read story.

Despite Persecution, Ahmadi Muslims Engage in Prayer

When a mob in Pakistan set aflame several homes of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, police officers just ... Read story.

The Song Remains the Same

Curiously, the war on ISIS is funded on both sides by the same Gulf states. Read story.

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Throwing the Baby Out with the Frack Water

Measure P goes too far in its intent to protect our water. Read Letter

Measure P: No Revelations

Failing several attempts to compose a letter explaining all about it, we’re throwing in the revelation towel. Read Letter

Measure P Kool-Aid

I wavered between astonishment and disappointment when I read your endorsement of the No on Measure P position. Read Letter

The Independent Got It Wrong

There is absolutely no symmetry in the magnitude and consequence of fears of climate change and a concern for good governance. Read Letter

Measure P: Selling Out

What is The Independent's conflict of interest in encouraging us to vote "no" on Measure P? Read Letter

Just Stay Inside

Most sexual assaults happen at home, perpetrated by an intimate partner or family member. Read Letter

Keep Your Pants On, Girls

Sloshed females are complete idiots and obviously too immature to even be in college. Read Letter

Deception in Measure P

What amazes me more than anything is the amount of deception in Measure P ads. Read Letter

Keep Oil Domestic

Domestic oil and gas production is important. Read Letter

Measure S Unready

Should SBCC be exempt from the rudiments of good planning? Read Letter

Big Oil Wins over Indy

Big Oil's $6MM and bully tactics win over The Independent. Read Letter

Welcome to the Wrong Side of History

With last week’s endorsement of No on P, The Independent moved to the wrong side of history. Read Letter

No to Big Oil

The Independent shows itself susceptible to Big Oil's lie that Measure P is flawed and needs to be “fixed.” Read Letter


The Independent endorsing "no" on Measure P is like Obama endorsing the XL pipeline. Read Letter

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