Economic Consequences of Not Passing Measure P

Damages Are Not Limited to County

Public Trust Doctrine requires shared resource conservation for future citizens. Read story.

Have You Kicked Your Inner Poodle Today?

Poodle vents spleen on Big Oil, Water Guardians, and Measure P Read story.

Chumash Cash In on Chumps

New 12-story resort and casino builds on the wages of gambling. Read story.

Tale Tellers

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Read story.

Economic Consequences of Not Passing Measure P

Damages Are Not Limited to County

Public Trust Doctrine requires shared resource conservation for future citizens. Read story.

No Shame in Changing Your Mind, Indy

Since When Is Fear a Principle?

The writer ignores his wife's advice and posits that The Independent's "no" on P was a brain-fart caused by propaganda. Read story.

Why I’m Voting Yes on Measure P

A Choice for People over Profits Requires a Ballot Vote

Dealing with the existential threat of climate change continues to be thwarted by the fossil fuel industry and its allies. Read story.

A Word from a Firefighter

Measure P's Oil Revenue a Small Part of County Budget

Measure P will not affect the Fire Department’s budget. Read story.

About Lois Capps …

A Son Comes to Understand His Mother and Politics

There is a reason “your mama” jokes have endured, and it is because they toy painfully with the sacred. Read story.

Despite Persecution, Ahmadi Muslims Engage in Prayer

When a mob in Pakistan set aflame several homes of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, police officers just ... Read story.

The Song Remains the Same

Curiously, the war on ISIS is funded on both sides by the same Gulf states. Read story.

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Measure P: Focus Groups

After watching No on P commercials, we wanted to know if they would be fracking in the county. Read Letter

Measure P Brings Unsafe Oil to S.B.

Santa Barbara is renowned for having one of the most stringent oil and gas regulations in the world. Read Letter

Measure P: More Harm Than Good

It is vital for us to reduce our dependence on imported foreign oil. Read Letter

Consult the Public on Bellosguardo

"Crowd source" our own devoted public for a wider range of ideas on Bellosguardo's future. Read Letter

Ban Rodenticide Use

Rodenticides kill not only rodents, but the larger animals that eat them. Read Letter

Oil Industry Contributes Much

The energy industry makes impressive contributions to nonprofits. Read Letter

Measure P: Equivocation

We buy insurance of various kinds knowing that a risk may be quite small. Read Letter

Oil Tax Money Funds North County

Given the reduced tax base of the North County, petroleum property taxes are critically important. Read Letter

Vote No on Measure S

When Wake and Schott are demolished and "modernized" by SBCC, will we lose most of the Adult Ed classes permanently? Read Letter

Oil Industry Does No Harm

In over 100 years of onshore oil and gas, there has never been any evidence of harm to our water supply. Read Letter

Water and Earthquake Concerns

To proceed with the rush to these thousands of proposed wells is unconscionably reckless. Read Letter

Measure P: Litigation as a Weapon

Litigation has always been used to beat down opposition and inflict punishment as well. Read Letter

Measure P: Are You Kidding?

Since when is safeguarding our county from potential environmental disaster bad governance? Read Letter

City Government Gags

Our elected officials are planning another giveaway: the Municipal Golf Course. Read Letter

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